The Individual Wellness Pie

I love it when I see ads for magic pills and drinks that will “transform your life, help you lose unwanted weight, cure depression, and make you well” and if you buy today you get a “free bottle”.  

To be up front and honest, I am all about being a efficient and getting the most stuff done in the least amount of time, so if there was one drink I could glug, a pill I could swallow, or a button I could press that would give me complete, balanced, overall wellness that was safe, free of side effects, and actually legitimate – I would be 100% in! 

Actually, I would buy stock in the company and be the main face behind the company because that is what EVERYONE is looking for but that is not the case. 

The truth is wellness is not just one thing it is a recipe, what in life is really one thing? 

As long as we are talking about recipes, you may as well think of wellness as a pie, cut into seven slices.  

Let’s call this tasty pie – the Individual Wellness Pie.  

The Individual Wellness Pie always has seven slices: emotional, familial, financial, nutritional, environmental, physical, and spiritual – each slice is equal in terms of importance and balance must be maintained to achieve optimal wellness.  

It’s human nature to want to take a bigger slice of a pie you love just like some slices of the Individual Wellness Pie will “taste better” (be more interesting or easier) but again its about balance.

The human body craves balance, the more balance the less stress on your Innate Intelligence (more to come on this!) and the better you will function.  

It’s easy to over indulge in one area, but balance is needed whether now or later.  

Life really is about choices, without sounding like my father Big Fred – all choices have consequences so always take that into consideration when choosing to favor one aspect of wellness or to overindulge deducting a little bit from your wellness account because over time it will add up. 

If you’re eager to learn more about each section of the Individual Wellness Pie –you’ve come to the right place.  Over the next several weeks we’ll break each slice down for you so that you can choose where each section of the journey starts, or continues for you.  

So, with that in mind start looking forward to slicing up your Individual Wellness Pie today and keep an eye out for each accompanying blog soon, mmmmm!